Project Description

Wish chronicles the life of a small eight to ten-year-old boy. It is set in present day. He is kind of quiet and withdrawn, he stays to himself, and he is not very popular in school. As a matter of fact most of the other kids go out of their way to pick on him. He is a dreamer and an imaginative soul. His parents tend to tune him out also. On his way home from school one Friday, a group of kids begin to chase him and as he makes his escape he ducks into a rundown construction site. He decides to hide out there till the bullies give up and leave. While in the construction site, he spies something glinting in a pile of dirt and debris in the light of the setting sun. As he goes to investigate, he finds an extremely old Middle Eastern style pendant. Clutching it tightly he races home and into the safety and confines of the four walls of his bedroom. Then, as he meticulously begins to clean the pendant something extraordinary happens, a female genie is released from the pendant and his life is changed forever! Just imagine being a young child and having the ability to have your every WISH, actually come true!

There is more to the story of course. Each time the young boy uses the pendant and the magic of the genie, an old and evil Sultan is awakened from a centuries old sleep, and he along with his minions are hot on the young boys heels, to regain what is rightfully his, and with it wield the power of the genie on an unsuspecting world. Forcing a young and unsure of himself boy to become a hero and save the world and in turn becoming the man he is destined to be!

Everyone has a WISH…what’s yours?



Anthony Zicari, Vincent Sauvion, Magali Paillat

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