Project Description

Ninety, is based in our world where technology and science have intersected with the mysterious. In the 1960’s two scientist (Dr. Andalus and Dr. Haven) discovered the greatest human discovery of our century. An artifact that altered human physiology to give the user abilities beyond what humans are normally capable of. Dr. Jacob Andalus has a dream of insuring that Earth survive its human occupancy. Andalus believes that 90% of the population must be destroyed in order for the planet to retain its natural resources and maintain its sustainability.

Dr. Morgan Haven, a student of Andalus, understands the reasoning to protect the planet but has chosen a different path. He has utilized technology to aid in maintaining the planet. Decades later Andalus grew steadfast in his dark pursuit and cracked the code on the artifact, allowing him to create other like himself, others with abilities.

Determined, Andalus has turned to terrorist actions to help him succeed with his global population reduction plan. Dr. Haven scrambled to unlock the artifacts mysteries to stop Andalus and has created a group of special individuals with the help a global social AI.



Matthew Mclean, Al Rio

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