Project Description

The story of Little Soldiers begins in the far flung past. At that time there was a witch that lived a life of solitude within a large and dense forest. The villagers who lived on the outskirts of the forest did not trust the old witch and as a result they hunted her down, surprised her and then burned her at the stake. As she stood before them she uttered a curse and then died. The villagers not knowing what the curse was were terrified to ever go within the forest.
Now jump ahead to present day. A small town has sprung up where the little village used to be on the outskirts of the large and dense forest. The curse of the witch and the fate that would befall those who broke it has long since been forgotten. Now only whispered by the oldest people in the town, but most of the townspeople believe it is all just an old tale told to frighten children.
Enter a small band of best friends. Young kids with no idea or interest in the witch and her long forgotten curse. They venture into the large and dense forest to play, adventure, and escape from their regular day lives and let their imagination free. Only little do they realize that the witch and her curse are all to real as they soon find themselves trapped within the large and dense forest, struggling and fighting to stay alive and protect each other as they search for a way to break the curse and escape the confines of the deadly forest. To do so they must band together like never before and become LITTLE SOLDIERS!



Anthony Zicari Alessandro Ceccarelli

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