Project Description

500-600 years from now our world is left battered and reverted to a time before the dawn of technology. This world’s laws and political systems are based on the art of battle rapping. Only decedents of rap royalty may battle rap to proclaim supremacy and the right to wear the crown as the King/Queen of the 6 kingdoms. It was also declared that no commoner could rap or contend for the crown for if they did they would be put to death.

RA/ZEN, a servant of the King of Yore watches as a commoner OMGEA-1 uses an unnatural rap power to slaughter the King in a rouge rap battle. After his victory Omega-1 proclaims that he will destroy every Kingdom in the land and take rule for himself. He would become the ruler of all the Kingdoms, the one King, the King of Hip Hop. As a dying wish the king of Yore pleads with Ra/Zen to find a way to destroy Omega-1.

Ra/Zen sets out on a quest to build and perfect his rap skills, making him an outlaw. On his quest Ra/Zen befriends LOCO^MID a lyrical monk and KALLAH a teen with a troubled past. As a way of perfecting his skills Ra/Zen battles any willing rapper along the way.



Carlton Hickman, Luis Figueiredo, Mauricio Desenheiro

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