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The protagonist of Empyreal is Jin Hu. Only months old, Jin was left on the steps of the Hao Yun Orphanage located in the town of Fuzhou, in the Fujian Province. He was left with only a gold amulet containing a picture of his mother inside and a note asking the orphanage to care for Jin and the amulet. Jin lived the first seven years of his life in the orphanage and on one faithful winter night, a lone marauder, the mythical and pure evil Zhenyang Liang (red eyes) razed the orphanage, burning it to the ground and murdering everyone inside. Before he was done, Zhenyang Liang stole Jin’s amulet and left him for dead. In truth Zhenyang, is the human form of the demon Yao Mo Jin, Empyreal’s antagonist. Recovered from the ashes by Shang a traveling monk, Jin was the sole survivor of this culling. Shang nursed Jin back to health on the way back to Fujian Temple. Once there, Shang raised Jin like a son and trained him in the art of tiger-style kung-fu.

As our story begins, Jin now 21 is a troubled soul. He is restless with questions about his past – who he is, where did he come from and what is his purpose in life? He still remembers the burning red eyes of the marauder Zhenyang Liang who burned down his orphanage and stole his mother’s amulet. Jin needs answers. He needs to know why Hao Yun Orphanage was targeted, where is the man responsible for destroying the orphanage and why has no one seen him for the past 13 years? What happened to his locket and who are his parents? Finding the answers to these questions is his objective as Jin sets off from Fujian Temple, located in the foothills of the Wuyi Mountains. Join us as we follow Jin on a journey that takes him to the lowest depths of hell and into the heights of heaven. Enter as Jin will, into the world of EMPYREAL.



Anthony Zicari, Edu Francisco

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Empyreal the Legend of Jin Hu 132pg Graphic Novel