Crimson Butterfly


Project Description

19 years ago, a young female child was born to a poor Russian family.  A top-secret government agency, unknown to the world at large within the Soviet Union, takes the child from the parents.  Promising to set them up so they have no worries in the future and also promising to take care of their daughter.  They tell the parents that she will have the best of everything.  The parents wishing nothing but the best for the daughter that they could not care for turn her over willing to the secret agents.  The female child is taken and hidden away in seclusion.  The best Martial Artist in hand-to-hand and all forms of weapon and weaponless combat trains her.  She is trained and hardened over the years and becomes a living weapon, the world greatest assassin.  She makes her first kill at the age of 13.  Finally at the age of 19 the top secret Russian government agency promises that after one more job they will reunite her with her family that she has never known.  Upon completing the assignment, they take her to meet her parents and family.  Only they double cross her, killing her family in front of her, shocked and poisoned, they are prepared to terminate her and getting the drop on her, they place a noose around her neck and hang her, leaving her for dead, as she watches her family die slaughtered on the floor of their small home.  Hours later she comes too, still hanging but alive.  Now a mysterious Crimson colored Butterfly mark covers her face, and she sets out on a mission of revenge.



Anthony Zicari Isaac Cordova

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