Project Description

The Tears Of The Cherubs project is about common sense and reality in regard to humanity. Imagine if you can how a child would react if placed within a mature situation. How they see those things through their eyes. The story is about how you start your life as an individual. What is your purpose? Why were you born?  Etcetera. When you unable to process the answers to those questions, that is when a human being has problems with their identity.  The main point of the story is to make people fully  identify with the characters and see the mistakes they are making as individuals. To see the problems that the characters endure, and through that it creates a link and they will relate to them. The story also deals with themes of survival in a world of pure chaos and caring for life as a whole. It is not a simple task to be placed in this type of situation with all of these things going on in their heads. The mental factor will be heavy on these characters and that is what will make them take actions or paths that will not be nice to see, as long as they survive, they will need to endure those decisions that they have made. Simple tasks that we take for granted such as what are we going to eat, becomes as struggle for these children as they do not know from day to day if there will be food for them. In the end though they will find their place, their role in this crusade, if they die they will know why, if they love they will know why, if they find what they are supposed to be then that is what will mark them forever, and for them it would be worth everything to discover that. Now ask yourself, what about you? Would it be worth it to sacrifice yourself an everything you know? Give yourself to the unknown, so that once you do there is no going back, but at that very moment you discover as your life hangs in the balance whether you will live or die.



Claudio Sepulveda, Anthony Zicari, Claudio Sepulveda